Je suis un morceau d'utopie

first of all, better realise that you need people around you.
but then it does'n mean you don't have to do anything...
maybe you should'nt give your way to someone else,
but, i think sometimes it can be necessary...

Je suis un morceau d'utopie...

i picked up this french sentence from my friend's blog
who lives in Brussels with his Irish nationality.
i like his sence.

after some years of revolting period,
i thought i was grown up.

oh surely yes, according to my age.... day by day
all of my celles are reborn again and again ,,, and again.
and huge amount of second send me to a new world...

one of my friends just told me [Don't regret],
oh, no, that's a word i wanted to ignore.
regret? regret!! that's a word you easily use but hard to say.
cuz you may not say the word if you don't live with your own faith.
since i am still too weak to believe in what i want to do,
or,,, give my life up or.....

may i go this way..... or... that way ?

either ways you need to be self-confident AND
selfish for your life. which i seriously think as the most difficult thing in my life.

my life shouldn't depend on what i have to do,
but what i want to do..... right?

anyway i like that.
Je suis un morceau d'utopie...

by sachio_tukiyo | 2006-06-21 21:57 | how i think...  

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